Members hobbies

Many members in HOW have other hobbies besides
restoring and showing  Cars and Trucks
Steve R's  Hobby is restoring JD Tractors.  He and his brother have several
John Deer Tractors they have restored.  They show these tractors at
various tractor shows in the area.

                                        Model "D" - 1934                                       Model 60 - 1955

Louie F's hobby is building replicas of Oliver tractors that were used in his family
He still has some of the family's original Oliver Tractors.  He also restores Lawn
Mowers push/riding and built a 1904 Oldsmobile replica

Oliver Model 70 Row Crop,                 Oliver Model 77 Row Crop,
                                                            1936 - 3/4 Scale                                         1949 3/4 Scale

Oliver Model 1600,
1964 -1/2 scale

1904 Oldsmobile - Full Size

Duane B's hobby is wood carving.  I started carving in 2006 with "The Good Time Carvers"
 Life Enrichment Center in Plymouth.  Up to that time I had never carved or whittled anything.  
I Carve Caricatures of People and Animals, Gnomes homes in Bark
The Wood I use to carve with is Bass Wood, Butternut, Cottonwood Bark and
yes, even Golf Balls




Bark Carvings

Bill C. hobby is miniature railroad trains with various layouts.  Bill's  railroad journey started
 32 years ago when he quit smoking.  He was bored with nothing to do except work so he
decided to become a railroad engineer by building a working  miniature railroad
during his time off.  Bill did not say if he wears a ENGINEER HAT when he's playing

                                                                                                Control Center

                                                                                           Overview of Layout

                           Farm Scene                                                                                          Cooks Oil Refinery

City - water tower - homes - downtown buildings                                                       Steel Mill

                                   Lighted City                                                                        Tunnel and Elect. Power Station

                          View of Layout                                                                                        Service station                                                      

Merl H. has several hobbies with some under construction.  While in High school
Merl got interested in slot car racing His favorite hobby is racing slot cars on a track which
is 43 ft x 2 plus 2 curves making a total of 100 ft of 8 tracks. Merl has controllers for each track and his grandkids
love playing with them.  Most of the cars are from the 1960 & 70 era and the cars are metal and heavy.  He has a few
 modern ones made of plastic and very lite in wt.  One of the curves is large and steep banked  and the other curve is narrow
and with very little bank.  The tack is based on the Nascar Track in Martinsville, VA.

Merl  is also in the process of building a toy train setup by the race track.  The train is 0 gauge tracks and he has a lot
 of train tank cars box cars and engines, track,bridges, etc.  He plans to have two trains on two out side tracks
 going around the track which will be approximately 75 ft in length and various other tracks and towns, etc
He also likes playing pinball machines (3) and foosball game


                    This end of track is the steep bank                                                                                         Control Center                                                   

                       Cars lined up ready to go
                                       Old Number "7"

                                                                                                               Looks a long to the other end




Train platform under construction


Two of the Train Engines he plans too use

A few of the boxes with train cars, etc



                    Pin Ball Machine from the 60's                                                                                                      Foosball
           He has two more older pin balll machines
            which need working on which he hopes
        to get working in his spare time from farming


Cary F. has been carving full time since 2006.  Belongs to a local carving
group Called "The Good Time Carvers" located at the Life  Enrichment Center
in Plymouth, Mondays 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM  

                                    Keith Richards w/ Rollng Stones Band                                                                   Camel